Build A Brand Identity Anyone Would Be Proud Of.

how to find your brand identity
how to find your brand identity
Inkprog Team
| Sept 13 2019

It is essential to know that building a brand identity anyone would be proud of is not an easy task. The terms “brand” and “logo” are mostly used interchangeably even though a logo can be the symbol of a business, it’s not the whole of a brand. Creating a logo is just a little step toward developing a strong brand identity.

Businesses all over the world are trying to make a name for themselves that is why having a strong brand identity is important.

Since brand identity is the personality of your business, you have to build a brand identity anyone will be proud of for them. To build a brand identity anyone would be proud of, you need to do the following;

Assess Brand Perception

You need to understand your brand. Ask questions about the internal and external brand perceptions. Aside from that, you need to question how your key audiences see you versus your competition.

From there, you will know whether they are aware or engaged with it. On a final note, it is important to know that brand research is the only way to effectively assess where you stand and why.

improve brand awareness stragety

Build your brand strategy

You need to prioritize communication of rational and emotional brand perceptions that communicate important customer benefits, as well as the drivers of brand loyalty, repurchase and engagement.

When you have a quantifiable understanding of what drives value for your brand, a brand strategy will reinforce desired perceptions and behaviors.

importance of branding strategy in business

Create an architecture

You need a designer to design a strategic complete brand hierarchy that expeditiously communicates the brand and messaging priorities through product and repair lines, divisional and subsidiary relationships, geographies, segments, and distribution channels. By doing this, you will build a brand identity anyone would be proud of.

use of brand architecture in designing brand architecture

Dependable brand experience application

You need to relentlessly consistent with the delivery and control of your brand experience across all channels. Additionally, you need to ensure that your brand is dependable and efficiently delivered across all major categories of customer touch-points.

These include static (such as print ads or direct mail), interactive (like web and online), and human (including the sales team, call centers, etc.).

impact of brand Consistency as experience.

Observe and Audit Your Brand

It is essential to maintain and observe your brands to ensure that they retain relevance and importance with key audiences. Aside from that, you have to assign explicit responsibility for custodianship and conduct periodic brand audits and tracking studies.

You can also make use of a proven tool like Brand Mapping that will provide ongoing market-driven feedback on how to measure, improve, and maintain a strong brand identity.

importance of brand valuation and observe

Know what to avoid

Finally, if you want to build a brand identity anyone will be proud of, you need to know what to avoid. Mistakes such as giving your customers mixed messages, copying your competitors, or losing consistency between online and offline should be avoided. If you are guilty of the aforementioned mistakes, your brand might fail.

when branding goes wrong

Final Word…

If you want to build a brand identity anyone will be proud of, it’s not going to be an easy task. You have to work for it and implement it perfectly.

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