Where iOS App Developments Are Headed In The Next Five Years

How Will iOS App Development Evolve Over the Next Five year
How Will iOS App Development Evolve Over the Next Five year
Inkprog Team
| Oct 31 2019

As technology continues to evolve, new app development keeps storming the market. Every year, Apple introduces new versions to its operating system by integrating technological advancements. Last year, Apple launched a new operating system iOS 12, which comes with a lot of exciting features, security updates, and functionality enhancement.

The new iOS offers a rich and better experience to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. iOS app developers are doing their best to enhance the user experience of their everyday Apple products. Now, let’s take a look at where iOS app developments are headed in the next five years.

Bigger and Better Devices Will Equal More Versatility Apps

With new popular products like the iPad Pro and iPhone X storming the market, iOS app developers are being empowered more to create new apps for a mobile device. By leveraging these products, iOS app developers can now create apps that would have been considered impossible for a mobile device.

However, with Apple hardware production heading in the path of large-format device including the iPad Pro, consumers are more likely to find more comprehensive app on the App Store in the coming years. Also, through the Apple TV Software Development Kit (SDK) that has been released with these new products, Apple TV is projected to have a huge influence on the future of iOS apps.

The Apple TV SDK will make it possible for Apple product users to convert apps from one platform to the other with ease.

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GPS, Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) App Will Take the Lead

The exceptional versatility that features such as GPS and Augmented Reality (AR) are offering mobile apps cannot be overemphasized. Such possibilities will certainly continue to play a pivotal role in the development of different types of applications for a mobile device. Recently, functionalities such as navigation and location tracking have been proven to offer great benefits to users in a number of ways, ranging from entertainment to geotagging.

Over the next five years, iOS users can expect these two tools to still be at the forefront of app development. Also, apps that focus on Internet of Things (IoT) are gaining ground on a daily basis. As the market for IoT-powered continue to grow, iOS users can expect to find more of valuable apps that optimize IoT device on App Store in the future.

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Greater Emphasis on App Security

The increasing concerns of security on data protection and digital security vulnerability seen in the last few decades has caused developers to place a greater emphasis on app security. iOS app developers are taking a more security-minded approach to iOS app development to address the potential concerns of security associated with apps.

In the next five years, Apple product users can expect to find more valuable apps that utilize data encryption techniques on App Store.

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Final Word…

iOS development has set to change in some significant ways in the coming years. Over the next five years, everyday Apple product users can expect to find more valuable, versatile, capable, and secure apps on the iOS market.

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