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| Nov 12 2019

Designing a logo might be an easy task in your mind but actually, it’s not. It’s not only about drawing a circle and typing in the company name, but there is also a lot more to it than that. As you have known, there are probably millions of people dishing out sour logos in bulk for crowd-sourcing sites.

However, there are certain steps to take that will maximize your efforts when you are designing your logo. Listed below are 5 steps to maximize your efforts and be more effective with the logo design strategy.

Make use of a visual double entendre

To maximize your effort, you need to make use of a visual double entendre. That is a fancy way to say that it should have two pictures wrapped into one through a clever interpretation of a concept or idea.

When you make logo designs through this strategy, it will come off as clever and memorable. Your client will love the little mind game that you are playing and are more prone to appreciate a design because of it.

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Color is very essential

Color Palette is one of the most essential considerations for logo design. This is mainly because color carries meanings and communicates ideas. Most of the times you are pegged to the colors of a brand, but other times you will have the liberty to explore.

It is, however, important to know that a good logo is versatile. More often than not, you should regularly consider what it is that the logo will be used for and whether or not the various use cases call for different versions.

Why is color important in designing a logo

Stay away from the Cliché

Always try to avoid joining clichés. Even if a bunch of designers has made use of the same idea over and over, it doesn’t mean that you should join. Look for new fads in logo design and try to study design trends.

You should always strive to know about the newest logo design trends but that doesn’t mean you follow them to the letter. More often than not, try to make use of a design that you actually thought up yourself.

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Make it your own

Instead of following the herd and using a cliché design, you should work hard to design something that is uniquely recognizable. Make it a part of your strategy to consider whether or not your design is generic or unique when designing a logo.

Aside from that, you should consider whether it is likely for others to make something similar. You should try filling a notebook page or two with some rough sketches before choosing which ideas to pursue further.

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Keep it straightforward stupid

Finally, one of the steps you can take to maximize your effort and be effective is to keep your logo design straightforward and stupid. You should face the fact that not everyone can bust out a beautiful, hand-drawn script on a whim.

From research findings, simple but powerful logos permeate the business world and always prove to be the best icons for standing the test of time.

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Your clients will always demand logos that will stand out and represent their brand perfectly because it is the single most essential element of a brand identity. Make use of the aforementioned steps that will maximize your effort and be effective when you are designing the logo.

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