Warning! These 5 mistakes Will Destroy Your Web Development

top mistakes in web design and developments
top mistakes in web design and developments
Inkprog Team
| Oct 17 2019

Your website directly impacts your business. It plays a critical role in creating the first impression for your customers in regard to your business. A strong and authoritative website is a key marketing tool for staying relevant and competitive among your peers.

. But most web developers usually make the common mistake of assuming that the success of a website solely lies on it ‘’pretty-ness’’ and neglect the marketing effectiveness.

It is fine for a website to be visually super-attractive, but focus should be placed first on turning visitors into conversions. A bad website design can result into instantaneous loss in revenue for a business. Listed below are 5 mistakes that can destroy your web development, if not avoided.

A Website that isn’t Mobile-Friendly

In the year 2019, most online users prefer to use their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to surf the internet for all kinds of stuffs. No online user wants to view a website that doesn’t look good on mobile.

Also, Google is known to actively favors mobile-friendly websites on the search engine results page (SERP) over those which are not mobile-friendly. Therefore, having a website that is mobile-friendly is no longer considered an option but a necessity.

affects of non responsive website

A Website with Broken Links

Having links that are broken on your website can be really frustrating, especially for your visitors. Just imagine how visitors would feel after they think they are on the right webpage and they view a 404 error? They would be very disappointed and that’s all it takes for them to leave your webpage completely without coming back.

If you don’t want to fall a victim of this fatal mistake, it therefore becomes a necessity for you to test-run your website to make sure that no link is broken.

affects of broken links on website

A Website with Unclear Directions for Visitors

Visitors will only click on a menu on your website if they’re sure of where it’s going to land them. Not having distinct directions for users visiting your webpage might make them feel clueless. They wouldn’t be sure on what to do next after landing on your webpage.

Most online users don’t want to have this kind of bad experience. Instead, they leave your webpage for another webpage with clear directions for users as soon as possible.

how to keep visitors long time on website

A Website with Slow Page Loading Speed

There’s nothing as much annoying for a website’s visitor as a website that takes eternity to load. If your website takes a lot of time to load, visitors are more likely to leave even before your webpage finish loading.

This will therefore lead to a bad user experience as well as an unfavourable bounce rate. Also, Google is more likely to push your website further down the SERP in favour of websites that load faster and offer a better user experience.

importance of faster website loading in business.

A Website with a Poor Design Quality

The main focus of your website is to turn visitors into conversions. A poor website quality would lead to a low conversion rate and may also tarnish the reputation of your brand online.

Your websites should be both attractive and user-centered. The organization of your website should be intuitive to allow visitors to navigate with little or no effort.

importance of good navigation website design for business

Final Word…

When it comes to web development, mistakes should best be avoided. The best way to avoid mistakes is to learn about them. Website designers and developers should take into consideration these 5 mistakes, as they are the mistakes that can put the future of their website in jeopardy.

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