Why the next 5 years of digital marketing will smash the last 5?

impact of digital marketing after five years
impact of digital marketing after five years
Inkprog Team
| Sept 6 2019

The world is currently operating in the digital space. Studies have shown that over 170 millions of people are using some types of social media platform on a daily basis. This is absolutely as a result of the advent of the internet, smartphones, laptops and tablets.

More people are becoming tech-savvy by the day and are choosing digital marketing over the traditional marketing. Nowadays, the popularity of digital marketing is unrivalled and it is believed that, very soon, digital marketing would completely send the traditional marketing to its grave of no return.

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving and it’s shaping the future of modern-day businesses. With that in mind, what does the future hold for digital marketing? Why the next 5 years of Digital Marketing will smash the last 5 years.

While it’s impossible to say for sure why the next 5 years of digital marketing will smash the last five years, here are a few projections for what will be important in the future.

Global Consumer Marketplace will Experience a Huge Expansion

Millions of new consumers are being prepared to come into the global marketplace. The global consumer marketplace is therefore projected to see a drastic expansion across nations including Africa, China, Bangladesh, Caribbean, as well as North America. The expansion will largely be as a result of the explosive growth of digital marketing and technology including smart phones, wearable tech, virtual reality, and mobile apps, to name a few.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take the Lead

It was recently reported by Salesforce that there will be more than 50 percent increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) among marketers for the purpose of better ad targeting in the next few years. Very soon, AI will gain ground among marketers for optimizing ad creative images. Also, AI for ‘’intent advertising’’ is projected to emerge, and when this happens, platforms will be able to recognize consumer’s wish and interest and cater the creative messaging and imagery to the user’s experience.

machine learning in digital marketing

Voice Activated Search will become a huge Area

Generally, it takes less time to say something than to type it. Voice search is expected to be a huge area in the near future. Recent studies have suggested that by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be conducted using voice search and by 2022, voice commerce sales will reach $40 billion. This means that very soon, it will be possible for consumers to do more in search with their voice, and mobile marketers should get ready for activated search advertising.

Video Ads will Grow

As consumers continue to spend more time watching videos on their mobile devices, advertisers are expected to spend more billions of dollars on mobile videos than they used to do five years ago. Therefore, both live video and video ads are expected to contribute to more than 85 percent of total internet traffic in the next five years. With this type of projected growth and consumption of video ads by online visitors, video ads is expected to be one of the most important aspect of digital marketing strategy in the coming years. Digital marketers can tap into this profitable channel to increase their brand visibility in no time.

Final Word…

The modern-day marketing is quite different from what it’s used to be a decade ago. And, as digital marketing continues to evolve, the future is likely to be way more different from what it is today. Digital marketing is projected to take full control over the customer experience in the next five years.

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