Terms and Conditions

  1. Standard terms and conditions

  1. These are the standard terms and conditions for Website Design and Development and apply to all contracts and all work undertaken by INKPROGTECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd for its clients
  1. Our fees and Agreement duration.

  1. For Design projects payment is made in 2 Phases.
  2. Phase 1 -60% upfront to start the project. Phase 2 - 40% Post designing of the project and before handover.
  3. For Design and Development projectsPayment is made in 3 Phases.
  4. Phase 1 -40% upfront to start the project. Phase 2 -40% once after the designs has been finalised and to start the Development project. Phase 3 -20% Post development of the project and before handover. All the source files will be dispatched after the final payment is done. An Advance Payment notification will be sent as soon as the proposal is accepted. The Project is valid for next 45 days.
  1. Supply of materials

  1. You must supply all materials and information required by us to complete the work in accordance with any agreed specification. Such materials may include, but are not limited to, photographs, written copy, logos, Source Code and other relevant project materials. Where there is any delay in supplying these materials to us which leads to a delay in the completion of work, we have the right to extend any previously agreed deadlines by a reasonable amount. Where you fail to supply materials, and that prevents the progress of the work, we have the right to invoice you for any part or parts of the work already completed.
  1. Design

  1. INKPROG will provide 4 Design samples with 3 variations on each sample. INKPROG would allow 3 iterations on the finalized design. Beyond which can be provided at an extra cost of $500. This is irrespective of whether it is utilized or not.
  1. Changes

  1. INKPROG encourages inputs from the Client during the design process. Once the design is signed off, any changes to the master design will be charged extra. In case of request for a change, the client has to notify INKPROG via an email and list down the requested changes. Also a stipulated time period will have to be fixed for the delivery of the updated designs. The following are the list of changes which come under the aforementioned changes to the design: choosing a different font, colours, asking us to follow references and alignment of the arrangement of the layout. All other changes are subject to the discretion of INKPROG.
  1. Project delays and client liability

  1. Any time frame or estimates that we give are contingent upon your full cooperation and final content in designs for the work pages. During development there is a certain amount of feedback required in order to progress to subsequent phases. It is required that a single point of contact be appointed from your side and be made available on a daily basis in order to expedite the feedback process.
  1. Approval of work

  1. On completion of the work you will be notified and have the opportunity to review it. You must notify us in writing of any unsatisfactory points within 7 days of such notification. Any of the work which has not been reported in writing to us as unsatisfactory within the 7-d ay review period will be deemed to have been approved. Once approved, or deemed approved, work cannot subsequently be rejected and the contract will be deemed to have been completed and the balance of the project price will become due.
  1. Intellectual property rights

  1. You must obtain all necessary permissions and authorities in respect of the use of all copy, graphic images, registered company logos, names and trademarks, or any other material that you supply to us to include in your website or web applications. You must indemnify us and hold us harmless from any claims or legal actions related to the content of your website.
  1. Licensing

  1. Once you have paid us in full for our works we grant to you a license to use all the project related material.
  1. Design Credit

  1. Client agrees that the website created for the Client by INKPROG S may be included in INKPROG’s portfolio
  1. Subcontracting

  1. We reserve the right to subcontract any services that we have agreed to perform for you as we see fit.
  1. Non-disclosure

  1. We (and any subcontractors we engage) agree that we will not at any time disclose any of your confidential information to any third party. You agree to reimburse us for any requested expenses which do not form part of our proposal, including but not limited to the purchase of the templates, third party software, stock photographs, fonts, and domain name registration, web hosting or comparable expenses.
  1. Amendments & addendums:

  1. This contract is to be considered complete and final. However, the field of marketing and social media is rapidly changing and said changes may necessitate amendment or addition to this contract. Should such a need arise, the amendment or addendum must be drawn up as a separate document, signed by both parties indicating their agreement, and a copy of the signed document must be provided to the Client and the Consultant.
  1. Governing law:

  1. This agreement will be governed by the laws of Telangana state.